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A lot of “about me” posts share how they wanted to be a ______ since they were little. That’s not my story. I had no idea I wanted to be a photographer until I became one.

My creative journey started when I fell in love with painting little murals on fingernails....yes. You heard me.  I LOVED painting nails and seeing what animals or flowers I could create with paint on such a tiny surface. I even went to school for it! But the thought of touching people’s feet all day every day terrified me. 

Fast forward about 6 years to Chad and Eric! They are my pride and joy and I don’t know what I would do without them. I fell in loveeeee with dressing our boy in the most adorable vintage outfits. He looked so sweet in them that it started to make me sad that I couldn’t bottle him up forever....... So Here. Came. The. Pictures. and lots of them. That was the only way I could capture his sweet baby teeth, his curls, his personality and those AMAZING vintage outfits I had spent a fortune on. (Sorry Chad🥴)

So I’ve decided to give it a shot and use a God given talent to do that for YOU and your baby! I want you to be able to bottle up the sweetness that we all wish we could have forever!! I will be forever grateful to my hubby for sticking with me while starting this business! It has been SUCH a joy and I can’t wait to see where it takes me and my family.



Morgan Owens 

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