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I could not wait to write this blog post!!!! Not only because I'm in loveee with how the images turned out but because this precious couple happens to be my in laws!!

When Mrs. Margaret and I were planning their shoot, I had originally decided that I wanted to go to the Houmas house but it got rescheduled several times due to rain and their work schedules. But we FINALLY got to shoot and we decided to do it locally.

Our first spot was at the old winery in Jackson, LA. Mr. Kieth had chosen that spot and it couldn't have been a better fit for them. We then went to the old courthouse because there were some blooms so of course I had to take advantage of that. ;). Our final location was the Centenary State Historic Site. What was once a Louisiana College was then turned into a Confederate hospital during The Civil War. The building where I took these portraits was the West Wing Dormitory. It is now a museum that you can tour!

Mrs .Margaret and Mr. Keith are some of the best people you will ever meet. (And Mr. Keith can make a PHENOMENAL carrot cake from scratch..... along with allllll the southern foods you can think of). They would do ANYTHING for ANYONE and I can't believe I am blessed enough to have them as my in-laws! They are also the best Maw Maw and Papa to my Eric. I hope you love this shoot as much as I do!!!

Ugh. I LOVE this and the feel of Italy maybe? I love how the stepping stones are leading up to them. My goal lately has been to focus more on proper lead lines and composition that makes sense rather than just sticking my subjects and shooting for no reason.

I spent majority of our time here because there was so much potential with the architecture of this building. I'm sooo glad I did because I'm in love with how they turned out!

May be one of my favorites!

Ok I lied. May be this one!

The Gumbo Kitchen... it couldn't be more fitting. ;)

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I couldn't wait to share this blog with you all! The Dotson family is one of my favorites. They have two precious children, Alexander and Amelia Rose... aka Rosie! And we had SOOOO much fun shooting their session at the Windrush Gardens in Baton Rouge, La. This place is unbelievably beautiful!!! There are very old live oaks and lots and lots of azaleas and camellias. There's also a private residence there (a very cute pink house) with a BEAUTIFUL Japanese Cherry Blossom Tree in the backyard that was in full bloom and truly had me drooling our whole shoot. I would have loved to have had that in some of their images!! I hope you enjoy scrolling through some of my faves from this session! And thank you for being here! :)

This family is PURE JOY.

Rosie girl knows how to steal the show!

The next ones are some of my FAVORITE of the whole day.

Alexander brought his mama a flower. Soooooo sweet!

Oh how I was obsessed with this little cottage!!

I meannnnn!!!!

I just loved this family so much and we had the most fun!!!

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This is my very FIRST Heirloom blog post!! Im so excited to share these because these beautiful girls are family! This is my dads sister, Angie and her oldest daughter, Emma and her younger sister Ella! I have ALWAYS been told that I look a lot like my Aunt Angie (which is a huge compliment).

They live in Franklin, TN and I shot these when they were visiting a few days after Christmas. These three always stay with Chad and I and I LOVE it. It's always so nice to host them.

I literally shot these portraits in my studio about 25 minutes before they left to go home and they weren't too enthused about it but I still made them do it anyways! lol. They're the cutest!

Enjoy these beautiful portraits!

How pretty are they??!!

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