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Updated: Jan 14, 2020


And when I say best friend, I literally mean friend since diapers. So this was huge for me. To be able to show off all of my hard work and studying to give them images they loved!

Carley + Ragan get married in 8 days (January 11th) and I couldn't be more excited! I am a matron of honor AND I get to sing in her wedding during the "Daddy Daughter Dance" AND I had the privilege to take their engagements. I guess you can say I feel pretty special. :) They are getting married at the beautiful Hemingbough in St. Francisville, LA.

The first location for portraits were taken at Carley + Ragan's new house that they bought and remodeled!!! That was actually Ragan's idea and it was genius! (The chair in the front was also his idea ;) ) They turned out super cute. The second location was taken at a beautiful house in Clinton, called "Marston House." My parents wedding reception was actually held there! It makes for beautiful + glowy portraits. The last location was taken on Ragan's family land in Norwood, LA. I know I'm biased because Carley is my bestie (and absolutely beautiful) but I REALLLY love these images and it's one of my favorite sessions of the year!!! Enjoy my favorites!!

They have the cutest yard

I love this one SO much

Carley you are beautiful!

I meannnn. They are so good at this

That light!

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This blog post is special because it’s about the most BEAUTIFUL proposal at the most BEAUTIFUL home and it was for a very special friend! Sunne has been in my life since we were both little and she’s actually my sisters BFF! So when her mom asked me to be there for the proposal I was over the moon excited! It was an honor to be there.

Braden’s aunt Kristy was having her birthday party at her home in Fluker, Louisiana so that’s how they “tricked” Sunne to be there and dressed up cute!😉....Also, Braden did an amazinnggggg job on the ring. It is BEAUTIFUL!!

About 30 minutes before they arrived it started to rain so I started stressing thinking Braden would have to pop the question under the porch and that was where I was hiding! Yikes! But thankfully it held off for a proposal that looked like something off of The Bachelor!!!🙌🏼🙌🏼🙌🏼

The night was filled with family, sweet college friends, and lots of champagne!

I pray that this precious couple will have a long and happy future and I hope you enjoy seeing some of my favorites from the night and this classy proposal!!!

Home || Kristy Berner

Cookies + Cake || Tiffany Holmes

Jeweler || Douglas Kent Jewelers

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Updated: Jul 20, 2019



This is an exciting post for me to share! Not only because Greenwood Plantation is a dream location but Fara and Michael will be my FIRST wedding. (It was also my first session to have my sister Kathleen tag along with me!)

This beautiful couple is getting married at Greenwood in September and it is going to be so fun and beautiful. The weather was a little warm but what else can you expect in South Louisiana on a July afternoon?

We met Fara and Michael on one of our recent Grand Isle fishing trips and immediately hit it off! They are soooo much fun and when she asked me to shoot their wedding I was ecstatic!! Michael is actually a step cousin of a friend of ours and Fara’s maid of honor used to go to church with us! Such a small world!

They are naturals at taking portraits so it didn’t take but a few minutes to learn the poses. Because these two are so photogenic we were able to roll through each location very quickly and that is a huge deal!!!! It means more time to have good light. ;) We can’t wait for their wedding in a few months!!!! It seems so far away but I know it’ll be here before we know it!

Enjoy some of my favorite shots from this fun session!

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