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Memphis + Nashville Heirloom Sessions

Updated: Mar 15, 2022

Hey Y'all! I traveled to Memphis and Nashville for an Heirloom Portrait work trip and will be sharing the best of the best from our time there! My sister, Kathleen, along with our mom and our kiddos (Eric, Brady + Georgia) accompanied me on this trip!! I was 26 weeks pregnant at the time so they thought I would need extra help (they were right :) ) so I really appreciated them!

We stayed at The Peabody Hotel in downtown Memphis and let me tell you it was amazing! If you haven't heard, The Peabody is known as the "South's Grand Hotel" and is legendary for its ducks! This beautiful hotel houses five North American mallards that come down from their home which is on the very top floor all the way to the lobby (yes they ride the elevator.) It's a cute thing to take your kids to see!

I loved having him on a work trip with me. Love my boy so much!!!!

Just livin' the life :)

The boys (Eric left Brady right) thought they were so big eating room service. The food at The Peabody is delicious!

Now we can get into the heirlooms... the reason why I'm sure you're here! :)

Annie is such a doll! Her mama, Alice, is a fashion blogger and so so sweet to be around and work with! If you don't already, give her a follow! I will tag her instagram handle below.

I loved everything about Annie's portraits. I also love the outfit Alice chose from my complimentary collection! Next up is little brother... Bennet!!

His expression is the best!

"Mom, please make this nutty woman hush."

Sweet Kerley children!!!

My second session of the day was awesome. Vanessa is also so so kind and I was SO happy and excited to take her Mama + Me portraits along with Oliver's.

I started taking Mama + Me portraits because WE ALL KNOW how rare it is to have photos with our babies. Everyone else gets photos with them BUT US mamas and it's because we're so busy. I made it super simple to sign up for these. You just simply choose this option as an add one when you sign up!! They’re becoming a favorite of mine for sure.

Vanessa is so beautiful! I love these so much.

Oliver gave me so many different smiles and I loved it!

Once I wrapped up with this precious session we packed up and headed to Nashville! But of course had to stop and get BBQ. You can't not eat BBQ when in Memphis.

Georgia+ Eric LOVED pork rinds lol. I know this isn't the prettiest picture but it's real life. We were traveling with 3 toddlers and were already exhausted at this point! No one wanted to get back in the car and we still had to drive to our family's house in Nashville.

My dads mom and all of his sisters + their kids live around Nashville so we were really excited to be able to stay with them and visit with everyone! We also got to visit and snap portraits of my moms first cousin + her grandchildren so that was a plus, too!!! Lots of good family time. :)

I wanted to share the Heirlooms I shot in Nashville as well. We'll start with my little cousins on my moms side. Sweet Charlotte + Fisher. Enjoy!

Charlotte looks so timeless in her Aunt Maggie's outfit

I LOVE this portrait of a grandma and her precious grandkids. Renee is my moms first cousin on her dads side. I wish we got to see them more! And now on to my final session of the trip... Nate!!

... But first coffee

Nate's mama Katie is also a fashion blogger ( I will drop her instagram handle below.) Katie is super sweet and the best mama. It was fun getting to visit with her. I seriously loved how every single one of his portraits turned out. I can't wait to see what portraits these sweet mamas choose to have printed!!!

How precious is he?!?

We ended our trip with massages!! My aunt that we stayed with had a masseuse come to her home and boy was it much needed. Eric and Brady even got a lymphatic massage she put Brady to sleep during his. SO FUNNY!!!!

Post massage.... let me just say. The best!

The kids stayed with my mom and Aunt while me and Kathleen went to our sessions. Thank for their help!!

I hope you all enjoyed a little glimpse into what our Memphis\Nashville trip looked like!!! I will link instagram handles below. :)

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