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Aunt Angie, Emma + Ella || Heirloom

This is my very FIRST Heirloom blog post!! Im so excited to share these because these beautiful girls are family! This is my dads sister, Angie and her oldest daughter, Emma and her younger sister Ella! I have ALWAYS been told that I look a lot like my Aunt Angie (which is a huge compliment).

They live in Franklin, TN and I shot these when they were visiting a few days after Christmas. These three always stay with Chad and I and I LOVE it. It's always so nice to host them.

I literally shot these portraits in my studio about 25 minutes before they left to go home and they weren't too enthused about it but I still made them do it anyways! lol. They're the cutest!

Enjoy these beautiful portraits!

How pretty are they??!!

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