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Houston + Dallas || Heirloom

I had THE best time traveling to Houston at the beginning go March to take portraits of 27 children!!! Not only did I enjoy photographing all the sweet littles but meeting their mamas (and some dads.) Every one of my clients are always SO good to me and I do not deserve it!!!

My sister, Kathleen, always comes along with me on my work trips to help out and it is sooooo much appreciated! This trip was a little different because normally I visit each home to take portraits but since it was a rescheduled trip (ice storm happened) I had to squeeze in lots of clients in only TWO days!!! I decided it was best to have all of my clients come to my hotel and it went so smoothly!! Such a great decision. I was also 29 weeks pregnant at the time so I was moving kinda slow. :) Enough talk.. here are the best of the best from our lovely Houston/Dallas trip!!!

Handsome handsome boy!!

How beautiful is sister, Caroline?!

These precious siblings are twins. LOVE!

Loved these! Now we're on to the second session of the day.

The Martins

Their portraits couldn't have been more perfect!!

Pierce is only a few months old. Sometimes this age can be challenging for me but I am so so happy we made it work!! He was the happiest.

This sweet boy's mama is from Louisiana and we knew a few mutual people so I really enjoyed visiting with them!!

Now we are moving on to the cutest sister duo

These girls were lots of fun!!

How BEAUTIFUL is sweet baby Margot?!

Now I'll be sharing these precious cousins! Luka, Mary Hunter + Isabel

How handsome is he?!

I loved her sweet expressions


The Daniels Sisters

Forrest was just an angel boy and his mom was so sweet!

I love generation photos and mama + me portraits so much!

The Solberg Family

I can't get over my clients hair sometimes. So gorgeous.

How beautiful are these siblings?!

Now we wrap up my Houston clients and move onto Dallas! Once Kathleen and I wrapped up our last clients at the St. Regis we packed up my equipment and headed to our hotel in Dallas. We were exhausted so once we finally got there we set up the equipment for the next day and went to sleep!!

I hope you enjoy the best of the best from Dallas!

I just can't even with sweet Audrey